ATA Patch Information

The ATA Shield worn on the right breast of the uniform represents the students loyalty to the American Taekwondo Association and their promise to represent the ATA as Black Belt Leader wherever they go.

The School patch worn on the left breast of the uniform represents the students affiliation to a specific school or instructor. Tiny Tigers and Karate Kids will wear a Victory patch in place of a school patch. The Victory patch is used to collect stars that will allow the student to advance to the next patch and ultimately earn their own school badge.

The Black Belt Club patch is given only to students who have been invited into the Black Belt Club Program and continually demonstrate their Black Belt Discipline, this patch is worn on the student’s left sleeve.

The Leadership patch can only be worn by students currently in the Leadership Program and is worn opposite of the Black Belt Club patch on the students right sleeve.

The A-team patch is worn on the student’s left sleeve below the SWAT patch for those students who received strait A's on a report card.

The Delta patch is centered just above the SWAT Patch.

The SWAT patch is worn by students who have been accepted into the SWAT Program it is centered at least 1 1/2 inches below the black belt club patch. SWAT Program Specifications